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carpets & Logomats On Sale

All sizes,colours and brands can be made at an affordable price.our mats are upmarket and free quotations are offered according to size of mat.All ma…

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Customised mats

Upmarket branded mats, brand colours never change, quality materials, anti-slippery rubber underneath and rubber edging, Affordable prices, durable and easy to clean. 

High Volume walk off mats

Recomended for Shopping Malls Entrances, it sustain heavy traffic weight ie a large number of people, delivery trucks, fork lifts 

customized doormats

Our services manufacturing and brandin of welcome and logo mats ,any sizes are made with customers b

All mating systems and branded mats picture

All mating systems; its a one stop company when it comes to mating systems, Branded and customized mats are done to the best interest of our customer…

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Buildings  painting services and swimming pools management picture

We invented painting services department and  swimming pools management; be it residential or commercial pools. All buildings painting service i…

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Gym flooring picture

Gym flooring is done with different rubber mats optional features; be it a commercial Gym or residential Gym flooring; We offer affordable prices for all our services 

Swimming pools management picture

Swimming pools need  great care for the sake of swimmers health; We maintain and manage pools to their recomended status. Water treatment, winte…

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Provision of  high Traffic Walk off Mats and installation at affordable rates

Rubberized underneath customized mats are completed and delivered within 5 days 

About us

We focus on furnishing brands beyond our customers expectations,

Our products and services are guaranteed by its durability, affordable and upmarket, our supplies reach across the country and beyond borders 

Our highly experienced teams meet our customers expectations and are so time conscious, …

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Our team

Benous kachingamire picture

Benous kachingamire


Benous Kachingamire has made the company well established in his hardworking and good customer service, he always provide after sale service to all h…

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